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Trip North to Evia 15-21/05/2024 180nm

On route to the Northern Sporades we will visit Evia and transit through the channel between Evia and the Mainland. Our trip to the south of Evia took us to the islands of Samos, Ikeria, Tinos and Andros.

Our first stop was at anchor to the west of the port at Marathokampos on the south east coast of Samos. A nice little beach town. We stayed for 2 nights and hired a car for a day to explore the Island.

We then headed to the North West of Ikeria (now famous for its blue zone centenarians) to Armenistis. again we hired a car and explored the beautiful mountainous interior.

Tinos town on the south west of Tinos Island was next. We anchored in the port and spent the day exploring the lively town with the very impressive Holy Church of the Virgin Mary Evangelistria.

We moved on to the seaside town at Batsi bay in Andros, our last stop before Evia.

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