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1st stop - Easter in Patmos

We launched early on May 2nd, got everything running (unfortunately the inverter and one house bank battery had given up) and headed off (Greek) Easter Friday morning for Skala town quay on Patmos 19nm NW.

Patmos is a significant Christian pilgrimage site with the Cave of the Apocalypse (where John of Patmos - St. John the Theologian) is said to have written the Book of Revelations. In the Chora is a large 11th-century monastery (more like a vast fortress) dedicated to the saint overlooking the whitewashed houses of the hilltop capital.

We are great fans of Patmos having visited the Island three times last year.

Our favourite restaurant (probably one of our top three in Greece) is Pernera.

The Easter celebrations are a major family affair with late night prayers, precessions and fireworks.

We also managed a few easy-moderate hikes over the very old pathways south of Skala passing the cave and monastery.

We hired a car for a day (more than enough time) to explore all the bays (research for places to bring the boat next time) and found some amazing small inlets and beaches.

Unfortunately by Wed we had to head off again for Leros to try to get the final jobs completed before we head north again on route to Evia and the Sporades.

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