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Preparing to set Sail

Arrived in Leros on the 23rd April and have a fair few jobs, maintenance and upgrades required before setting off. The boat is on the hard so I am holed up in Lakki town and will push to get everything done before launch on the 3rd May.

The jobs include service of generator, RIB outboard, fitting of a Code 0 rig (halyard, new winch, bowsprit and associated clutches and fittings for the running rigging). The biggest job is the fitting of a new Hard top with 4 solar panels and chargers.

Its pretty big !! - bigger than I had anticipated at 10 * 14 feet and giving me 1440 W of Solar - a game changer. Can finally stop relying on the generator and engines for that battery top-up.

In truth, its an extension to the boat/home and will make long passages a lot more enjoyable.

Also fitted a washing machine - this seems simple but is a game changer as its one of the key reasons we need to visit port and hang around is the carrying, dropping off waiting for laundry - but no more :-)

And a new 100 metres of (12mm) anchor chain will make anchorages in big winds a lot more reliable (that and the 48kg Mantin Anchor).

On top of that lots of cleaning, airing and just general preparations to turn the boat into our home for the next 6 months.

So in the afternoon of the 3rd May, we were ready for launch

Just great to be on the water again - and ready for our summer in Greece. We do have to be in Olympic Marine for the 16th May to get works done (strengthening. reinforcing the hull) so still on a bit of a timetable.

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