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Arrived in Greece

Left Dublin for Athens at a minute to midnight on Friday 21st April and arrived in Athens 6.30am flying on to Kos at 9.30 arriving a little over an hour later and then a 30 min taxi to Kos town and the hotel beside the church which I was reminded of next morning at 6.30 am when the bells rang out and prayers began.

Had time to explore Kos town

then an 1hr 25min ferry to Leros at 12.50 Sunday

The Fast ferries are a luxury travelling at nearly 30 knots

In Leros It's about 20 degrees and sunny but lots of work to do before she's ready to launch on the 3rd May - 2 days later the old bones are aching a little !

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how is it going - where abouts are you now.....................Ray Rise N Shine

Mi piace
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